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Sources for this Family History include information provided by individual members of the family orally or by letter; Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates; Church Registers; Wills; old letters; birthday books, tombstones, Return Thanks cards, newspaper files of the Bathurst Advocate, the Bathurst Times, the Bathurst Free Press, the Bathurst Post and the Western Independent; files of the Nashville Times, later called the Gympie Times, and the North Queensland Herald (Townsville), and The Methodist (official organ of the NSW Methodist Church); as well as personal reminiscences.


Much information has been found in the following books:

Author Title Publisher Remarks



Ayscough, E W Links: A Chain of Lineage: The Hamer Link Sydney, 2004 This is a very full account of Michael Hamer (MH) and his descendants, with some early history of the Hamer family in Lancashire, containing a meticulous tracing of our ancestors



Baines, E The History of the County Palatine of Lancaster Fisher,Sons and Jackson, London, 1831-2, 4 vols  



Barker, T A Pictorial History of Bathurst Robert Brown and Associates, and the Bathurst Historical Society, 1985  



Barker, T A History of Bathurst, Vol 1, The Early Settlement to 1862 Crawford House Press, Bathurst, 1992  



Barker, T A History of Bathurst, Vol 2, From Settlement to City Crawford House Press, Bathurst, 1998  



Boyce, P J Honest and Unsullied Days – A History of Wesley College Victor Publishing, South Perth, 2001 Chapters 6 and 7 describe the period when Clive Hamer [AH478] was headmaster



Bradford Woolcombers Mechanisation and Misery: the Bradford Woolcombers' Report of 1845   Republished by Ryburn Publishing, 1991, with commentary and introduction by J A Jowett, describing Bradford at the time



Burke, B The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Harrison, London, 1884  



Carroll, O PerthvilleDemonstrationSchool, 1873-1973    



Carrothers, W A Emigration from the British Isles King, London, 1929  



Cobley, J Sydney Cove, 1788 Hodder and Stoughton, 1962  



Cobley, J Sydney Cove, 1788 Hodder and Stoughton, 1962  



Devon Report Occupation of Land (Ireland) British Parliamentary Papers, Vol 19, 1846, and Vol 36, 1846  



Doust, R H After One Hundred Years: The Centenary of the Methodist Church, Bathurst Circuit G W Brownbill, Bathurst, 1932  



Family History Group of Bathurst Bathurst pioneers, A Register of Pioneer Families of Bathurst NSW and Districts before 1900 Bathurst, 2007  



Farrar, W and Brownbill, J (ed) The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Lancaster, Vol5 Constable, London, 1911 Contains some early history of the Hamer family at Rochdale, chiefly in footnotes



Fishwick, H History of the Parish of Rochdale, 1889   This also contains some early history of the Hamer family, as well as drawings of the stately homes owned by early family members



Francis, J J Bradshaw Chapel I and II Turton Local History Society, Society, Publication No 18 & 19, 1988  



Francis, J J Lords of the Manor of Bradshaw Turton Local History Society, Society, Publication No 3, 1977 This contains some history of the Bradshaw branch of the Hamer family, specifically including our direct ancestors.



Francis, J J Bradshaw Works Turton Local History Society, Publication No 4 This also makes reference to the Bradshaw Hamers



Francis, J J Bradshaw and Harwood Collieries Turton Local History Society, Publication No 5, 1982 This has some reference to the Bradshaw Hamers



Francis, J J Affetside, An Historical Survey Turton Local History Society, Publication No 15, 1984  



Fry, K Beyond the Barrier Crawford House Press, Bathurst, 1993 An account of the early settlement in the Bathurst district 1818 - 1848, with particular reference to the conflict with aborigines, and the establishment of the wealthy landowning class and the development of a middle class comprised chiefly of small farmers



Gaskell, E Mary Barton   Elizabeth Gaskell's first novel gives a detailed account of conditions in Manchester about 1840



Gibson-Wilde, D & B A Pattern of Pubs: Hotels of Townsville 1864-1914 James Cook University, Townsville, 1988 This gives some detail about the Buchanans' hotel operations in Townsville



Greaves, B (ed) The Story of Bathurst Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1961 This gives a background history of Bathurst and district



Greaves, B 100 Up: The Centenary of the PerthvilleMethodistChurch 1963  



Gregarth, A M C & Cook, F G Downings of Europe and America, Vol 2 Gregarth Publishing Company, Cullman, Alabama, nd. [1994]  



Hamer, G The History of Hamer 1994 This is a family history of another branch of the Hamer family, emanating from the Bury Parish, including Tottington, in the neighbourhood where our family has its roots. It covers some of the material about the original Hamers, of Hamer, but somewhat differently from the way Hope of the Vale covers it. It has lists of Statistical, Court and Parish Records that could be useful in pursuing further research on the Hamer family. Interestingly, the author, Geoffrey Hamer, lives at Egerton, only a few hundred yards from where our ancestor, Thomas Hamer, lived, but no immediate connection has been established between his family and ours



Hammond, J L & B The Age of the Chartists London, 1930  



Herriot, J James Herriot's Yorkshire Michael Joseph, London, 1979 Based on the television series, All Creatures Great and Small, this book contains delightful colour photos of the Yorkshire Moors and villages where the Peacocks lived.



Hill, A & J A Promise to Keep - From Athens to Afghanistan Xlibris Corporation, USA, 2003 A biography of Arthur Hill [AH4152], written by his wife Julie.



Holthouse, H GympieGold   A history of the Gympie gold rush



Humphreys, R Allan Callaghan, a Life Melbourne University Press, 2002  



Jeans, D N An Historical Geography of New South Wales to 1901 Reed Education, Sydney, 1972  



Kable, V They Came By a Road Braemar Printing Compant, Bathurst, no date A very brief account of the extension of settlement following the building of the road to Bathurst and beyond



[Leland] Leyland's Itinerary   A record of a tour through Tudor England



Lindop, R Turton Tales: A Collection of Historical Family Stories Turton Local History Society, Publication No. 30, 1975 Includes local history of Egerton and Bradshaw



Lindop, R Turton Tales: A Collection of Historical Family Stories Turton Local History Society, Publication No. 30, 1975 Includes local history of Egerton and Bradshaw



Madgwick, R M Immigration Into Eastern Australia, 1788 - 1851 Longman's, 1937  



Maxwell, C F Australian Men of Mark Western District Edition, Sydney, 1888 Brief articles on Andrew Hames [AH] and Ellis Hamer [AH4]



McKenzie, K They Paved the Way 1980 A History of teh McKenzie Family [See JT231]



Meagher, P Joseph Bell 1848-1911   A History of Joseph Bell [AH7], his ancestors and descendants



Meredith, Mrs Notes and Sketches of NSW During a Residence in That Colony From 1838 to 1844 J Murray, London, 1844 This includes an account of a visit to Bathurst about the time Andrew Hamer and William Peacock arrived there



Oakes, G S Pioneers of Bathurst-Kelso, NSW 1923 Chiefly about Holy Trinity Church



Orange City Council Orange 1860 - 1960    



Page, W (ed) The Victoria History of the Counties of England: York: North Riding, Vol 1 Constable, London, 1914  



Peacock, A J Bradford Chartism 1838-1840 Borthwick Paper No 36, Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, University of York This gives details of life in Bradford at the time when William and Rebecca Peacock emigrated, including information about Walker's factory, where members of the Peacock family worked



Perry, T M Australia's First Frontier Melbourne University Press, 1963 A comparative study of the early development of the Bathurst and Goulburn districts



[Piccope] Piccope's Wills   A collection of Wills in England



Porter, G R Progress of the Nation A Bohn, London, 1838-46 Contains a study of the economic development of Bolton



Pugh, R B The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Stafford, Vol 8 Oxford University Press, 1963  



Reaney, P H Dictionary of British Surnames, 2nd Ed. Routledge and Keegan Paul, 1976  



Roberson, A M The Rockley Manner 1989 Outline histories of a number of Rockley and district families



[St John's Church] History of St John'sChurch, GeorgesPlains No date  



Scholes, J Documentary Notes on the District of Turton 1882  



Sloan, B P Convicts, Currency Folk and Change 1993 A history of Anthony Rope and Elizabeth Pulley and their descendants



Smith, G A History of Fitzgerald's Valley, Wimbledon nd No date Contains information about George and Charlotte Shute [WP5]



Smith, G My Back Yard No date Gives information about particular properties in Fitzgerald's Valley and some neighbouring areas, including Queen Charlotte's Vale