This website is a work in progress, and the result of collaboration between Clive Hamer [AH478, WC478, WP698, SL198, JT1198], Chris Loudon [SL1J11, WP6J11, JT11J11] and Graham Morris [AH59221, WP79221].

Clive, Chris and Graham have a keen interest in genealogy and family history and the impact that newer technology, in particular the internet, has had and will continue to have on family history research.

Clive Hamer is the author of the book Hope of the Vale; and gathered the material on this website with the help of other family members. Clive and Chris Loudon have known each other for many years and had numerous discussions and meetings on family history matters. Graham Morris and Chris have had correspondence over several years on the content of Clive's book, and exchanged data on the family.

Chris and Clive have had discussions over recent years about the possibility of publishing Hope of the Vale on the internet to make it available to family members, and a wider audience. Graham and Chris have had similar discussions.

Graham, the owner of Focus Website Design, has graciously provided the forum, the expertise, and the space for this vision to come to fruition.

Chris has taken on the role of webmaster, updating the website with content of Clive's ongoing work, adding new material as it comes to hand, and maintaining the genealogical database.

The content of individual pages on this website will change, and additional material will be added from time to time.

Check back regularly to see what has been amended.

If you wish to comment on the content of these pages, or have additional information about the families or people mentioned, please contact Chris Loudon, via email >> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<